Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Damn you Hancocks of Paducah, it's all too lovely!

I've been led astray in quite a big way. Those 'o 'so friendly chaps at Hancocks of Paducah (not as much fun to type as to say) kindly dropped me a mail the other day to let me know that they had some rather super new fabric in. Very nice too but I am a tight wad and if I am going to have to pay shipping than it has to be for something amazing in the bargain basement line. I have to be very careful not to give anything away here but I bought this, along with a fair bit of other lovely stuff, hoping to use it as a backing for a surprise present. Well it looked black and white on line but of course it isn't. So I went back to place another order for some more cheap fabric to finish off project 'X' and quite a bit more from this range to utilise this piece......good money after bad?....I think not!

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Daisie said...

ooooooooooh, I love a good mystery (and lovely fabric)!