Friday, 16 May 2008

Retail therapy

I have been very busy knitting tiny clothes but this morning I realised that I've lent the fine circular needle (that I had no idea why I had) to a friend and the reason I had it was to finish the edging on the baby cardie I'm knitting.....duh!!! I got over my frustration by visiting the charity shop and buying the above! I know I've whinged before about the prices in one of our towns charity shops but the Sue Ryder shop obviously has a different policy the table runner, eight place mats and eight napkins were £3.95. Some of the cut work is a bit frayed but the colours are gorgeous and someone obviously worked really really hard making them. I also picked up some cheap hair ties from work which will be perfect as more closures for lovely pouches and I plan to hang to some beaded dangley bits for the slides, watch this space!


Daisie said...

Glad you're back, we missed you!!
Really want to see pics of tiny knitted garments, it'll make me broody again!

purple and paisley said...

hooray to see a new post...and lovelies...i've been worried about you! how was your trip to see uncle and did he like the embellished heath?????

karen said...

gorgeous, gorgeous purchases. Lucky you!

incywincy said...

Great finds =D