Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Shopping and tagging

Thanks to Anne and Annalise (sp?) for letting e tag along on their shopping trip to the Paper Mil at Ashford this morning. (Garr look at my loverly pirate treasure!) and also thanks to Julia, aka Marmaladekiss for tagging me on her fantastico blog. I was doing Daisies tag in stages but I shall now perform an amazing feat and complete both tags in one entry........

Drum role.....fan fare.....short fat man in top hat and red tail coat etc. etc.

Here goes;

10 years ago I was; childless and had only been living in Kent with Simon for a year. I drank LOTS weighed.....next to nothing....and missed 'home' like crazy, still do.

Five things on my to-do list are; well Simons Mum arrives to stay tomorrow night so five is just a start! Clean bathroom, tidy Will's room, make up spare bed, buy brick sealant and a chorizo type sausage. (This is not for some bizarre torture for the poor lady, just tea!)......not the brick sealant that's just 'cause the house is falling apart. (see Julia, I told you-I'm rubbish at this!)

Snacks I enjoy; Most of them. Snacks for me tend to be a five-minutes-peace substitute if I hand out biscuits all round I buy myself a second of silence....until some little monster dips them in my tea and looses them.

If I was a billionaire; I'd see more of all the people I love and miss. And I'd study embroidery, properly.

I've lived; here (Sandwich Kent) and there (Weymouth)

I'd like to know more about; anyone who's reading my blog (this is a cheat, I'm meant to pass this on to six others....sorry.....rebel at heart!) If you have made it through to the end please leave a comment answering one of the questions, your choice, fair enough?

I'm nearly out of space for Daisies but here goes; three bestest crafting products ever; paper punches, double sided tape and Mulberry paper. If I could invent something it would be a tardis toy box you could just keep chucking the shit in and it would sort it for you. The last three books I've read are; ones with pretty covers; that's how I choose them and I can never remember titles. (don't tell my 'A' level English lecturer, he'd cry again, just like he did when I got my grades!) I don't really watch shopping channels; the mini dictators only allow CBBC and Beebies. I don't have any claims to fame. I lead a very simple life with no more glamour than maybe an occasional Pimms.

I'm sorry to put you through that.I love reading other peoples answers but even I find mine dull!


Daisie said...

Not dull at all!!

saraeden said...

Hi there im your swap partner !! Im really looking forward to this swap .. do you have any particular fave colours fabrics etc ??

Off to have a nosey at your blog :0)

Sara x

Sharon said...

Hello!! They weren't dull answers, they made laugh! Not sure i understand the ATC/ATCO thing, but it's really pretty! This is cleaning avoiding commenting here, I should go! xx

Griffin said...

10 years ago I was; living in Sussex, doing volunteer work at Brighton Museum and loving it, but at the same time wanting to do paid work.

Five things on my to-do list are;
1. Think of something to do!
2. Get a move on with the second story in a sequence and preferably finish a first draft.
3. Buy a dress that is printed, floral and has ruffles for my costume collection.
4. Buy a new book bag 'cos my old one is dying.
5. Get a move on and make a Chocolate & Zucchini cake (I kid you not!)

Snacks I enjoy; Chocolates, cake, champagne truffles, cheesy biscuits with pesto. More cake.

If I was a billionaire; I'd do a Phd in Art History because it wouldn't matter if I got it or not. Oh yeah... and buy a house.

I've lived; here (Loughborough, Leicestershire) and there (Burgess Hill, Sussex)

I'd like to know more about; how to become a billionaire - also be a linguistic genius, a fab cook and know how to make my own clothes... oh and also how to live in the woods and forage for nuts and berries.

three bestest crafting products ever; papers, pencils, erasers.

If I could invent something it would be a pill that would stop pointless stupidity in politicians and aggressiveness in young men. (I'm only a middle-aged-ish 'man')

The last three books I've read are;
Dora Damage (really and it was good), Riddley Walker, Carhullan Army.

I only watch the CSI's, Dr Who and films.

I am trying to have claims to infamy. Sadly it's not working...sigh.

I lead a very silly life which I despair of regularly, whilst swearing to live a life that actually resembles a life instead of the bizarre farce it is... sigh.

How's that?