Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Primrose Throw

Oh Arne and Carlos, how I love you, how I long to live in your cute world, sit in your garden, drink tea whilst we crochet together. We could be sat for some time though- because I am making your 'Primrose Throw'.
 As you may have gathered from the lack of regular blogging 'shit' has happened over the last few months. Nothing desperate just quite a lot of life, happening all at once. Between us Simon and I lost three Grandparents in the last ten months, they were all three of them at the end of their journey, so although it was sad it wasn't tragic, if you know what I mean.

We were touched to have been left a rather lovely large rug as a specific bequest from Simon's Danish grandmother 'Bestermor'. It was made by her husband, his Welsh grandfather 'Taid', he made the rug from a kit after he retired from his work as a G.P. Unfortunately his retirement was short so this is one of the last memories Simon has of his Taid.

I have been wanting to make a blanket or quilt for our bedroom. Simon and I just couldn't agree on a scheme or design but having the rug in our new bedroom inspired a scheme and when Simon flicked through my new Arne and Carlos book and pointed out a throw it seemed to be the perfect answer.
Now, a couple of hundred flowers later, I am wondering just what I was thinking! It has only taken a week to get this far so watch this space to see if my stamina holds out. As always though the instructions are very well written and it is like having friends chatting to you whilst you work with books by these guys. 
It's all good practise though, 'Magical Stitchery Tour' has it's first workshop open for bookings and it is ........Crochet for Beginners.....perhaps the students would like to help me crochet this little lot together! xxxxx