Friday, 28 March 2008

Absolutely NO self control

Right so if I write this small and don't put a picture on this might go un-noticed......o.k? The reason I wanted to track my spending this year was that I have been saving up and I needed to reign in what I frittered if I was ever going to afford what I thought I really wanted.
Simon went away on a course for ONE NIGHT and Mum and Dad have come to stay to keep me company and help with the kids. Now as you may have gathered Mum is my Master in Textiles and this is all her fault! We were having a chat about how my saving was going and whether the item I wanted might be available cheap on e-bay. I assured Mum that 'no I am definitely gonna have to pay the full whack at £250+'. So what did I do next (go on guess) yes of course I went online and found one at £150 and Mum told me to so I bloody well bought an embellisher. (In case you were wondering I had £50 saved. ) I have confessed to Simon but I'm not Catholic and I don't feel any better. Now I just have to wait and see if I really did need this. Look out for pictures early next week. I am in shock I would drink Gin but I can't afford it now!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Spring loveliness

As part of my 'make the day less shit' campaign I also bought this cute divded dishy platey thing (honestly I should be in advertising) from the charity shop. It was £8, I tell you this because I thing that this partcular charity shop takes the mick a bit on price and some days you seem to get the 'yes we quite like the look of you' discount and other days you don't! Of course it is for charity so I didn't haggle or anything! The Primroses and forget me nots on this are really chumbly and I fancy having a go at makng some matching napkins or a fabric roll basket type thingammy. Coo I feel so much better!

Shopping, happy shopping

I had an average day what with the bloody washing machine buggering me about and then poring water all over me, and oh just other random.....stuff. So I spent some money HOORAY! These plain white cotton pillowcases were Very Cheap and I've seen a tutorial on making bags out of them so might have a go at that. When I was little Mum used to periodically get me to do a little drawing with transfer crayons and then iron it onto my pillow case, which was brilliant so may do that with the kids one wet rainy afternoon. The tea towel is for an idea I saw about adding herringbone stitch to stripey fabric and then this might turn into a bag too. Or it might not.....who cares, I feel a bit better!

Pouch fever

Pouch number two, a slightly different design, this time with NINE pockets! Had a bit of trouble finding a closure for this one but I love the gold shimmeriness of it. Have a yellow gingham one lined up next for Easter....I know it's gone but there will be another one next year right?

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Beach bag

Here is the finished beach bag. I lined it in some plain cream fabric rather then the silk, just couldn't face the fraying! I like the webbing drawstring and rolled some up to make a kind of bead to hang the tassel from. Had such fun making this, and was quite pleased with it until Simon told me it looked like a dead rabbit......oh well I suppose at least I could use it as an Easter decoration!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Eggs-ited to be doing my first ATC swap

So here it is, this is my first ATC, what fun! I really enjoyed playing about and loved the scale. It seemed perfect for trying out new techniques or using up samples etc. I can't believe though quite how much mess I managed to make just creating this one tiny thing....even Will was impressed! Let me know if anyone else out their fancies a small scale swap, would definitely like to do more.

Naughty bangles!

Another spend after seeing the idea for covering hair clips in felt on this brilliant blog; I found some massive clips in Claires accesories so these should be fun to play with. Unfortunatly they also had some pretty bangles reduced, and they were on '3 for 2'. I have seen these used as a kind of miny mobile with a felt shape suspended so hope to have a go at making 1 (or 32!) of those!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Spring cards

I don't really do Easter being more pagan than Christian. But I do love spring and can't resist celebrating the new shoots. I made these little cards as a batch which I don't usually do, but it worked really well and I'll definitely do it again. What I won't be doing again is trying to cut lovely thick mulberry paper with a paper punch, it very nearly knackered it. These would have been even nicer if I had actually used my egg shaped template not just an oval. I am particularly chuffed that I used up another ten of those naughty paper flowers (only 190 to go!)

ATC swap.

I was browsing the 'Do crafts' chat room, in the 'other crafts' section when I noticed a lady writing about fabric ATC's. I have been tempted to have a go at these, or fabric postcards, for some time. Anyway I took the plunge and asked this lovely lady if she would like to do a swap. This morning I received this really charming little numbe called 'Crazy Patchwork' and I had great fun putting one together myself. Ill show you what I came up with after I have heard that Connie has received it as I would hate to ruin the surprise! Thanks Connie.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Mini cards

I saw a link on another Blog (sorry can't remember where) to a company called Moo and the result was £25 out of my account but.........200 totally fabulous mini cards. I had the best time with Will designing them on their brilliant website and was very proud of myself for getting one of my images on them. These will be invaluable to use when I do my next craft fair; on the back they have this Blog and my e-mail address. I'm sure I can mount rings onto them and they can be price tickets on my bigger items. I plan to hand some out to friends, ( I thought I'd been a total bore about my Blog but went out for dinner last night and loads of my best friends didn't know about it) and will put some out at my next Embroiderers Guild meeting. I'm not sure I will be able to resist getting some more with a Christmas message on to go on my knitted fairies, or some with the kids on to use as cheaty 'Thank You' messages. Again I can feel the stirrings of an imagination beast!

Hello Kitty Pouch...complete

I finished sewing this amazing litte pouchy pursey thing today and think it's a really cute design. It actually has SIX pockets inside and started off as a simple square. I'm sure I could make some with more embellishments, some embroidery, a strap, out of a patchworked piece, a smaller square with no stuffing, .......somebody stop me! I love it when things I make catch hold of me by the scruff of the neck and drag me back into the workroom and throw me into my fabric stash! I think this little beauty might go with Natashas' (4) birthday present with some pretty hair clips and a bead ring or two hiding inside.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Wessex wallhanging

I have now finished this by backing it with a piece of blue felt and making some 'dangles' for it. I am really into my buttons at the moment and they seemed to sneak their way on, as well as the ubiquitous twisted cord! The top was a bit slumpy on hanging so I inserted a simple wooden kebab skewer, pushing it through the felt. Not sure where this belongs now that it is finished, I'm sure it will find its natural home.

Beach bag!

After making the brooch with the cream wool I had quite a bit left over. I had bought loads of eyelash wool in the craft shop sale so made a bag of this wool and presented it to Mum last week on holiday. I put in an order for a kind of drum shaped bag and Mum promptly used this as an excuse to go out and buy another knitted bag book....well done Mum, you're a pro! So the knitting was done in next to no time and now I am left to embellish and make up the bag. I think I will tie it in to the brooch with some more of the flower buttons but am not sure I can face lining it in the cream silk. What do any readers line or not to line?

Fabric bead garland

I received some tiny fabric squares from my friend Jenni for Christmas they were perfect for fabric beads and in such lovely colours. Have a book from the library which suggested threading them for a garland . Mum and I made a massive twisted cord in matching colours and now I just have to form the beads around it. I am planning to sprinkle them with festive scented oil and use them on the Christmas tree. Coincidentally I had bought some fabric last year to make Christmas place mats which are the same sort of colours so will try to make those too!

Hello Kitty pouch

Started sewing this little origami pouch on holiday. Really frustrating as I could have done it on the machine in about half an hour! Don't like switching between hand and machine on the same project so this will go in my work bag as a lunch hour project. Am hoping to do a craft fair soonish so may do a few more on the machine. I have also stumbled across some Easter fabric in my stash so may cut one out in this to hide some choccy eggs in!

Poll Closed

Thanks to all of you who voted in the poll to help me focus on which project I should finish off. It really inspired me to get so much completed. The clear winner was Annas' quilt. This will take me a while as I can only work on it at home in child free time, but this does leave some little gaps for other fiddlings. Will do another poll soon, or maybe a competition to get some comments going, really like to know what you all think of my 'stuff'.