Sunday, 23 March 2008

Beach bag

Here is the finished beach bag. I lined it in some plain cream fabric rather then the silk, just couldn't face the fraying! I like the webbing drawstring and rolled some up to make a kind of bead to hang the tassel from. Had such fun making this, and was quite pleased with it until Simon told me it looked like a dead rabbit......oh well I suppose at least I could use it as an Easter decoration!


Daisie said...

Simon's wrong (as is my Simon on many occasion), it doesn't look like a dead rabbit at all! Men! Really lovely!

chaucer1066 said...

I think I was wrong looking at it now it is more like Davy Crocketts hat than a dead rabbit!!

Griffin said...

Well... I didn't think it looked at all like a dead rabbit right up to the point when you mentioned that Simon thought it looked like one!

I'm not a woman, but I do love fabric. Maybe as an ex-costume curator it doesn't go away. I also collect high street costume... it's the curator still left in me.

I love your stuff... regardless of what Simon says... so there!