Saturday, 15 March 2008

Mini cards

I saw a link on another Blog (sorry can't remember where) to a company called Moo and the result was £25 out of my account but.........200 totally fabulous mini cards. I had the best time with Will designing them on their brilliant website and was very proud of myself for getting one of my images on them. These will be invaluable to use when I do my next craft fair; on the back they have this Blog and my e-mail address. I'm sure I can mount rings onto them and they can be price tickets on my bigger items. I plan to hand some out to friends, ( I thought I'd been a total bore about my Blog but went out for dinner last night and loads of my best friends didn't know about it) and will put some out at my next Embroiderers Guild meeting. I'm not sure I will be able to resist getting some more with a Christmas message on to go on my knitted fairies, or some with the kids on to use as cheaty 'Thank You' messages. Again I can feel the stirrings of an imagination beast!


Robyn said...

I loved your little intro (I stumbled onto your blog via another blog). It sounds just like me!

Your stuff is adorable!

jenny said...

Hello thanks for the link to moo just had a look and already i can hear my visa card running away in fear!!! What a great place cant wait to get shopping.