Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Shopping, happy shopping

I had an average day what with the bloody washing machine buggering me about and then poring water all over me, and oh just other random.....stuff. So I spent some money HOORAY! These plain white cotton pillowcases were Very Cheap and I've seen a tutorial on making bags out of them so might have a go at that. When I was little Mum used to periodically get me to do a little drawing with transfer crayons and then iron it onto my pillow case, which was brilliant so may do that with the kids one wet rainy afternoon. The tea towel is for an idea I saw about adding herringbone stitch to stripey fabric and then this might turn into a bag too. Or it might not.....who cares, I feel a bit better!


Florence said...

I like the floorboards on your header bar!

Thank you for your comment on my blog. x

jennyflower said...

Thanks Florence. When Simon saw this picture he asked when I'd taken the brroch into church to photograph on a pew. Actually it's the dining room table and the slight white highlight is......yoghurt! Next time I will take some piccies on the floor, then you can play spot the Cheeerio!