Sunday, 9 March 2008

Wessex wallhanging

I have now finished this by backing it with a piece of blue felt and making some 'dangles' for it. I am really into my buttons at the moment and they seemed to sneak their way on, as well as the ubiquitous twisted cord! The top was a bit slumpy on hanging so I inserted a simple wooden kebab skewer, pushing it through the felt. Not sure where this belongs now that it is finished, I'm sure it will find its natural home.


Quilting For Less said...

Hi Jenny!

You knitted this wallhanging, right? It is beautiful!! I knit as well, but not to that extent!! I am in AWE!

Thank you for your kind post on my blog!

Susan in Idaho

"t" said...

wow - your wallhanging is beautiful! you left a comment on my blog and i just wanted to thank you for finding me...i am glad i found you as well! nice "meeting" you...=)

karen said...

Hi Jenny. Thankyou so much for the comments you left about my work. (there seems to be a theme going on this subject)
I love it when I get feedback from my blog readers and it's great to meet you.
Good luck with your work. Embellishment in any form is amazing and i'm sorry but I only rarely get the cleaning bug! I think I do it when I want to justify my existence. Sorry about the grill pan...leave it as it is, a tribute to creatitvity!

ellen said...

What a wonderful surprise to have a new reader. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You made my afternoon.
You have created some very lovely things! I need to clean out my "sewing/craft" room. I can barely walk in it. I have so many unfinished projects.
I did make more "Jesus Bread" today. Yayy!

Daisie said...

Hi, thanks for the comment you left on my blog yesterday, glad you found me and me you. How did you find me? I'd be interested to know!
You'll be glad to hear that I won't be ironing tonight, haha!!
Daisie xxx

jenny said...

Hello jennyflower, thanks for looking at my blog, I've enjoyed my visit here and really look forward to coming back and seeing what your doing, i love the colours in the wall hanging, its amazing. So good to read about someone else with lots of unfinished projects, me too!!!