Sunday, 30 November 2008

Fair enough

Don't worry, it's safe to read on! I'm feeling a lot more positive now, thank you for all your outraged comments, the made me feel a lot better. I have definitely decided that I will be trying to organise at least one local craft fair next year. I thought that if any of you guys wanted to send a box of stuff perhaps we could come to some arrangement over commission? I'll think more about how it might work but maybe let me know if you might consider this. I'd like to hold an event with workshops perhaps or certainly some supplies as well as finished items. If anyone has any experience and any tips I'd be grateful.

I have really enjoyed listing some bits and bobs on Folksy, I worked out that I could list 40 items for the same price as my cancelled craft fair pitch so that is my target and I have already had a sale. I am particularly going all out on hair accessories for the festive season, Simon has insisted on buying some from me for my stocking as I hardly ever wear the stuff I make and he thinks it's a shame.........aaaawwwww...isn't he cute? (he might feel differently when he realises how grey my hair actually is when you can see the sides!)
I've also been listing on E-bay, I have been collecting 'Embroidery' magazine for some time now and have accrued some duplicates. I have listed several batches in the hope that someone else might find them as fascinating as me! If you decide to bid and win, leave me a message that you have come from the blog and I'll put something extra in the package. (something nice obviously not the gas bill or anything like that!)

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Christmas (it's not) fair

I have to warn you here and now that I am feeling whingey. The Christmas fair that I have been beavering away producing gorgeous things for has been cancelled.....with three days to go.....and I only know through a friend....the organisers haven't actually told ME at all. I am seriously considering organising something for myself next year because I truly believe that even had it been a 'drinks party' in a brewery I could have done better. I now have lots of things to photograph and fill Folksy with, which I am pleased about and I am desperately trying to find another fair in East Kent (anyone?) which I could attend, and lots of my Christmas cards will now have an extra little treat slipped in and I can get on with secret projects 'X' and 'Z'.........oh you see I'm not really that cross anymore-this always happens.....I think my glass is half empty and while I'm busy moaning about it someone comes and tops it up!

I have also really enjoyed playing with the yo-yo makers I bought at the K&S show. Will has been 'tired' lately and I haven't had chance to spend much time with him because he always seems to be sat on the bottom step, but last night we made yo-yos together and it was ace! He kept stabbing me with the needle and got a bit distracted hiding my buttons but we had fun and he was good as gold. Crafting soothes my soul and I think it can do the same for my little five year old Diablo.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Right old mish-mash!

Altered life gave me this lovely award a while back and I have been a bit (!) rubbish about spreading the joy. The reason for this has been the rules of the tag; that it should be passed to four regular readers from this country and one new one from abroad......I have no idea how to find out who might be a regular reader except for if they comment and I'm not aware of any new people from another country. So if this might be you please comment and you can take the award with my pleasure and thanks. Back to altered life, if you are planning any angel projects for the season I can strongly recommend a visit as she has done all sorts of lovely things along this theme. I have recently set up a jennyflowerblue facebook page if anyone might be interested in having a look, not much different from here but a few silly discussions and details of local events. I guess some of you may be on facebook as real people and it would also be lovely to 'meet you' that way too. Thanks to Marmalade kiss for the tip off on that one and her super clear idiots guide! More exciting goings on in that Dogdaisychain is having a giveaway/cuff survey on her Blog, her cuffs divine really is the only word for it no matter how that might make me sound, please just imagine me clasping my hands and looking heavenward in an ironical manner! I don't really want you to enter because I really want to win but she is so lovely she deserves support. Finally now I have have a good brain clear out with all that lets get down to the makey......this scarf has been knitted out of strips of old T-shirts which I have been saving for ages. I am thrilled with the colours and the knotty ends. The texture is, in truth, a little heavy for a scarf (who'd have guessed essentially wearing five extra t-shirts 'round your neck would be heavy!) so next time I will cut the strips to 1cm rather than 1 " and use the same needles but I think it would be perfect in different dimensions for a bath mat or in one of those knitted tray type affairs. Have you ever knitted fabric was it for you?

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Birthdays, Ben 10, Brooches, Bums

Well actually no bums, but I bet that got you excited! Yesterday was Wills 5th birthday and today was his party so it has been pretty much non-stop baking, clearing, wrapping, planning, shouting, chaos for 48hours. My head hurts. Will received loads of lovely Ben 10 toys, Lego, books, clothes, a bike, Power Rangers, you name it really. If it was plastic and did something violent and/or gross it was on the list. He was in his element. I did a home made Ben 10 chocolate cake. (Please don't point out to Will that I managed to melt Wild-vines arm with a candle!) Today we had five little friends round for a Kung-Fu Panda party complete with Kung-Fu statues, chocolate chopstick race and Origami. Everyone was really good, well actually Will lost the plot a bit at one point but it all came right in the end. I was really pleased when M, who had minded both my children from a few months dropped in during lunch. She is a very calming influence and bought Will the ace hand-knitted hat. After all the plastic and packaging he was delighted with it and proceeded to prat about and generally be the boy we all know and love. I am very proud of him.

Determined to slip some crafting in I noticed Mum had no adornment for her posh winter coat and as she treated me to some lovely flecked wool I knocked her up a Jenny special with which I am very pleased. The buttons came from a massive bag for £5 which will be popping up everywhere. I am looking forward to a couple of sane weeks before the Xmas madness.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Seasonal silliness

We didn't really 'do' Halloween as children. The thought of knocking on doors demanding presents is just.......'vulgar' to me! However I am starting to get more of a feel for seasonal celebrations, I went to church as a child and have to say I do miss the structure to the year that all of that gave. But of course most Christian festivals cunningly coincide with much older festivals and these are the ones I am trying to get my family back in touch with. So last night, yes I know a bit late, we had our autumn type celebration. We made a lovely cake, carved the pumpkin, made cardboard spiders, found out the spooky Playmobil, dressed up (thanks Gina!), ate pizza, and drank wine! Mum and Dad are staying and we had sch a lovely time. We didn't get one request for treats ourselves and no eggs thrown at the door, so plenty of fun size for me!

In other autumnal news I knocked myself up some mohair wrist warmers whilst lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. They could do with some shaping but I'm happy with them . I did have to line them as the wool was very itchy on my delicate wristeys, (what a wuss!) I knitted them on ordinary needles and it did cross my mind that they would be much more elegant knitted in the round. Mum bought some double-ended needles with her and got me knitting on them. It felt a bit awkward but I think if the need arose I could mange it. Will have a play with some circular needles next to see how that works. We came up with a new scarf idea while we were playing watch this space for the next big innovation in wool craft........