Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Christmas (it's not) fair

I have to warn you here and now that I am feeling whingey. The Christmas fair that I have been beavering away producing gorgeous things for has been cancelled.....with three days to go.....and I only know through a friend....the organisers haven't actually told ME at all. I am seriously considering organising something for myself next year because I truly believe that even had it been a 'drinks party' in a brewery I could have done better. I now have lots of things to photograph and fill Folksy with, which I am pleased about and I am desperately trying to find another fair in East Kent (anyone?) which I could attend, and lots of my Christmas cards will now have an extra little treat slipped in and I can get on with secret projects 'X' and 'Z'.........oh you see I'm not really that cross anymore-this always happens.....I think my glass is half empty and while I'm busy moaning about it someone comes and tops it up!

I have also really enjoyed playing with the yo-yo makers I bought at the K&S show. Will has been 'tired' lately and I haven't had chance to spend much time with him because he always seems to be sat on the bottom step, but last night we made yo-yos together and it was ace! He kept stabbing me with the needle and got a bit distracted hiding my buttons but we had fun and he was good as gold. Crafting soothes my soul and I think it can do the same for my little five year old Diablo.


Daisie said...

It's not fair is it and I do believe you meant to say 'piss-up'!!
I've just booked another fair for the 7th but it's a bit far for you to come?!
If you enter the folksy angel compo and win (I'll hate you forever) you can fill your shop and sell for free!!
No one seems to be doing well at fairs at the mo so maybe it's just as well it was cancelled?

Kitty said...

That's outrageous that they've cancelled and haven't even let you know. :-O A friend and I used to organise our own - they were fun. Hard work, but fun - go for it!


Gina said...

How frustrating! Mind you I had a sale at the w/e and didn't really sell much so I've got lots left over too!

Sharon said...

Oh,that's just wrong! So frustrating!

Jackie said...

Oh how awful for you..but how lovely to be spending time making stuff with your son.

karen said...

That must be so annoying! I hope you find another fair or something, I would be furious!