Saturday, 27 June 2009

Birthday girl

I know things have been a bit quite around here lately and I'm a bit cross with myself for why. I have been a stressed out with everything on my plate over the last week or so and what makes me so cross is that I put everything on it. I haven't posted because I want to do a giveaway. I am going to be giving away the knitted cakes book and I thought it would be good to finish the one I started and include that in the giveaway. But I haven't finished the cake so I haven't posted about it. Which is just dumb- no one is messaging me with 'hey, where's the giveaway you promised us?' No one is knocking down my door for a slice of knitted chocolate cake. I am posting today because I wanted to share some pictures of Anna 3rd birthday. Birthdays come around whether you are ready or not and it was a joy. Anna and I spent a lovely day together and we had an ace family tea with a Hello Kitty cake which was not my greatest ganaching moment. (please note though I am showing you pictures!) We now have some ace new toys and had a great party with some very sweet friends today. I am ashamed at myself for being held back by what I haven't done, or haven't done to perfection. This is not what it is all about, I need to keep an eye on the goal, which is really to avoid having more than a couple of the darn things!!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Whistle while you work

The Makey do is nearing and I am trying to pull all the threads together. I am making sure all the event organisation is progressing, trying to keep the blog fresh and making my own stock. I am enjoying myself but with a wedding tomorrow for which I have done the stationary and favours and Annas birthday next Friday for which I have done nothing. I am feeling a little........stretched. Soon though I know it will all be over and I shall miss the excitement and all the lovely post. For now though I have nails to paint, cakes to bake and hair accessories to make. Come back soon for a giveaway.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Genergous Gina's Gorgeous Gift

I am a little bit embarrassed to say that I have won Gina's 300 post giveaway on her blog. I'm embarrassed because Gina's work is amazing, she has been good enough to send me loveliness in the past and I seem to be getting lots of lovely parcels recently, I feel a bit spoiled!
I won't be giving it back though if you don't mind, I don't feel that bad, and I'd have to feel REALLY bad to contemplate letting these out of my little mitts!
These 'chocolates' are just beautiful, I am fond of a choccy or two and recognise some of these and can almost taste them. I even know what order I'd eat them in...(I always save the best till last- is that really weird? A roast goes; greens, carrots, the fluff inside the potato, meat then potato skins. Gravy mostly saved to mash into the potato fluff- it drives Simon mad- I even skin fish fingers to eat the breadcrumbs and ketchup last!) sorry that was a big digression!
I will treasure these beauties. Gina also very sweetly put some chocolate in for the children. I don't think they'll treasure theirs- I rather suspect they will scoff it quick before Daddy can!

Thank you Gina, your skill literally made me gasp, and your generosity shames me.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

When the going gets tough

the tough get shopping. I have been waiting for a blood test results for over a week now, to explain why I have been feeling poorly for quite a little while. Not proper poorly and some bloods have come back normal, so the really horrid stuff has been ruled out, but still it's making me anxious. I have finished the wedding favours and place markers for Alices' wedding and am working hard on the Makey 'do'. I have had some really lovely post again though, and that is definitely helping! Flower power has sent some amazing contributions for the goodie bags and also sent a present for me. I will make the green bead into a choker and the brown necklace is just stunning. I have a brown top which matches it exactly and I know it will get worn LOADS! Thanks Jaykay!
I haven't left all the cheering up to chance and my lovely pals but have done some self-help in the form of a little(!) light shoe shopping. The black wedges are to wear to the wedding, the purple match a top which was reduced and the black and cream numbers are for a fancy dress cocktail party on Friday. I think that maybe this is overkill for one weekend and for a girl who lives in novelty plimsolls!

But what is this? More parcels, more kindness, more buttons?! Why yes! My mate Daisy had some of my clearance books from me and instead of postage has sent some fabulous treasure. I love my buttons- one even has a little face on! There were some zips which I hope to work out how to set and look what arrived for Anna....

Can you tell how much she loves it? Thank you Daisy, I hope to see some smocked tops in your shops soon, I have some little summer birthdays coming up!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Beer and beaches

I love my children, I think they are ace and lovely and a hoot to be around but it was also a lovely treat to leave them in the capable hands of Gran and Grumpy and slope off for two nights on our own. Mum and Dad live in Weymouth and last year we adventured to Lyme Regis, which was gorgeous but thought we'd go a little bit further along the coast this year and ended up choosing Beer. (Of course!) We stayed at the very lovely Bay View Guest House, and would do again in a flash.

The beach was a pebbly fishing cove, and to my mind much more exciting than a sandy beach. We drank beer, we read books, (for me the latest Number 1 ladies detective agency) we ate lovely food and we visited a local attraction which was just amazing. If anyone is visiting Devon this summer I urge you to take a trip in a time machine and visit Pecorama. Pecorama is a manufacturer of toy trains. This attraction is attached to their factory and includes various room sets with train lay outs. We had a ride on the half scale steam train and spent ages in the gardens finding lots f little hidden corners. The cafe was all retro and kitsch too with sundae dishes with Blancmange and massive slices of apple pie. The kids would have loved it and without them? That was really very nice too! Thanks Mum and Dad, it's nice as parents to spend some time together and discover that you still love each other and enjoy each others company as much as ever.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Pay it forward and pay day

A little late but here is my May pay day Folksy purchase- isn't it cute! This little bird ring was made by Nuada Accesories and when it popped up on the front page I didn't hesitate in picking it. It came all packaged up in a dear little gift box and that is where it has now returned, safe and sound whist I decide who might be the lucky friend or relative to receive it as a gift.

I was flattered to be chosen for a feature on Blackberry Crafts a while back and popped over to her blog to say 'thanks!' I hadn't visited this blog before and am happy to find it. It wasn't until a few days later that I received a mail to say that by commenting I had entered a 'pay it forward' and was one of three picked. I am so pleased that I entered and won these lovely knitted/button goodies. Isn't the cuff gorgeous? The techno sleeping bag is so cute and the big button pin is stunning! Thanks so much Blackberry Crafts! I have a fair bit going on around here at the moment and I don't feel able to promise three lovely handmade packages at the moment. I will put anyone who comments on this post into the Pay-it-forward hat on the understanding that the three picked may have to wait a couple of weeks for a parcel and that I may buy something from another lovely crafter to pass on the love. There are no big rules about passing it on from you know, 'm not really a big rules girl!!