Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Pay it forward and pay day

A little late but here is my May pay day Folksy purchase- isn't it cute! This little bird ring was made by Nuada Accesories and when it popped up on the front page I didn't hesitate in picking it. It came all packaged up in a dear little gift box and that is where it has now returned, safe and sound whist I decide who might be the lucky friend or relative to receive it as a gift.

I was flattered to be chosen for a feature on Blackberry Crafts a while back and popped over to her blog to say 'thanks!' I hadn't visited this blog before and am happy to find it. It wasn't until a few days later that I received a mail to say that by commenting I had entered a 'pay it forward' and was one of three picked. I am so pleased that I entered and won these lovely knitted/button goodies. Isn't the cuff gorgeous? The techno sleeping bag is so cute and the big button pin is stunning! Thanks so much Blackberry Crafts! I have a fair bit going on around here at the moment and I don't feel able to promise three lovely handmade packages at the moment. I will put anyone who comments on this post into the Pay-it-forward hat on the understanding that the three picked may have to wait a couple of weeks for a parcel and that I may buy something from another lovely crafter to pass on the love. There are no big rules about passing it on from their......as you know, 'm not really a big rules girl!!


Daisie said...

You have up to a year to payitforward, I am waiting for moogsmum to send me something so I can spread the love too. And yes please, payitforward with me!!#

Love the little birdie! Does this front page payday madness mean you'll have twelve gifts at the end of the year or twelve treasures just for you?



Love the button cuff, retro sweat band!!
Yes this payitforward thing sounds good if i get my head around it!

Gwen said...

I absolutely love your blog, and even if I don't win the payitforward, I think that's a fab idea. Makes me think I might start one some time and we could have one going in the states, too! Although, then I'd have to get organized enough to do it...