Wednesday, 10 June 2009

When the going gets tough

the tough get shopping. I have been waiting for a blood test results for over a week now, to explain why I have been feeling poorly for quite a little while. Not proper poorly and some bloods have come back normal, so the really horrid stuff has been ruled out, but still it's making me anxious. I have finished the wedding favours and place markers for Alices' wedding and am working hard on the Makey 'do'. I have had some really lovely post again though, and that is definitely helping! Flower power has sent some amazing contributions for the goodie bags and also sent a present for me. I will make the green bead into a choker and the brown necklace is just stunning. I have a brown top which matches it exactly and I know it will get worn LOADS! Thanks Jaykay!
I haven't left all the cheering up to chance and my lovely pals but have done some self-help in the form of a little(!) light shoe shopping. The black wedges are to wear to the wedding, the purple match a top which was reduced and the black and cream numbers are for a fancy dress cocktail party on Friday. I think that maybe this is overkill for one weekend and for a girl who lives in novelty plimsolls!

But what is this? More parcels, more kindness, more buttons?! Why yes! My mate Daisy had some of my clearance books from me and instead of postage has sent some fabulous treasure. I love my buttons- one even has a little face on! There were some zips which I hope to work out how to set and look what arrived for Anna....

Can you tell how much she loves it? Thank you Daisy, I hope to see some smocked tops in your shops soon, I have some little summer birthdays coming up!


meplusmolly said...

Ooo buttons, shoes and a cute little dress!

Hope you get your results soon, waiting is always the thing that causes the most anxiety.

I still can't work out the comments thing - the makey do blog is one of the blogs I'm unable to leave a comment on, if I click preview after selecting an ID it just all disappears! ;(

Anyhow, I'm not sure how to do the 'button' thing but have put a makey do pic in my sidebar.
I think you should be doing a workshop too!! ;0 x

JuliaB said...

gasp!!!!! those black and white shoes!!! oooooh! I want! xx

Griffin said...

JuliaB, I know what you mean, love the purply ones too! Ahem, possibly shouldn't admit that as a bloke!! Don't care, love shoes and especially boots.

Anna looks very cute and utterly sweet too! Lovely little dress! Bless her!

Daisie said...

Anna looks so yummy and it's not the dress, haven't seen pics of her in ages, what a big grown up girl :-)

Loving the shoes but as another flats wearer am wondering if Simon will be able to keep you up right while you're wearing them, or are you planning on walking along the walls? Good luck!


Swirlyarts said...

Love the purple shoes! I do like heels but wear flats most of the time as they are just so easy. Anna's top looks fabulous.

Tip Top said...

Awww - how lovely! I really do think she likes the dress! If it helps, I was feeling very off for a while had loads of blood tests and nowt wrong! Just was very tired and worn out! Hope yours gets sorted soon!

Simply H said...

Oh Lovely, lovely shoes! Wish I could walk well in heels!

So sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly. Hope you get the results of your blood tests soon, as Kirsty said it's the waiting that is always tough......fingers crossed x

Thanks for your lovely comments on the Makey-do blog, kind of glad the photo didn't come out as I have an air of mystery about me now...he he!