Saturday, 27 November 2010

Have yours-elf a merry little Christmas

I'm still here, in case you were wondering. I'm still beavering away on the City and Guilds, a tiny bit behind due to going to town on a shadow applique sample- but that has got to be the best reason for getting behind- getting totally caught up in it all. I have also been feeling a little festive. We had the Sandwich Christmas carnival last night. The school joined in and it was a really lovely evening. This year was a walking procession lit by lanterns, torches and various novelty wands/torches etc. The atmosphere was great and although it was very cold I managed to get four layers on each child under their costumes so although they looked a bit porky no one froze. We popped in to the off licence on the way home for a bottle of restorative for the grown ups and a sweet treat for the elf and the fairy. Anna chose peanut M&M's, I was a bit surprised as we haven't had them before but all became clear when she whispered, 'because they're the ones that talk'. If you've seen the adverts you'll know what she means. She wasn't too disappointed when they didn't chat to her, thank goodness, though if they had it might have freaked her out a bit!
Today we have been to a local garden centre where we chatted with Santa for a while, had a romp on the soft play/sipped Elderflower fizzy stuff (guess who did which!) and looked for some new Christmas decorations. We are having a particularly exciting Christmas this year as my family are coming for the first time 'en masse' and we want to make the house look really nice. I was really disappointed by the selection though. Everything was very co-ordinated and samey. I wanted something to hang from the ceiling and possibly a garland for the fireplace, but I refuse to pay £30 for a bit of plastic tree....(I am now officially my own mother!). I couldn't put my finger on why I was getting grumpier and grumpier trying to find something when I realised that at the back of y mind was that nagging voice..'Jenny, Jenny, you know you can make something much nicer than this Jenny'. So whilst the kids finished getting punched by other children, which seems to be the true point of soft play areas (don't worry they so enjoy being outraged it does count as fun!) I mooched off to the 'Works' which has a concession in the store and bought the worlds cheapest felt and some little bells to make my own garland. I thought I'd seen the idea on Bugs and fishes but can't find it there now, but it's worth popping over for other cool festive ideas!
Gosh I have waffled on haven't I? I think I've been missing this blogging lark!

Look after yourselves all- keep warm and happy! xx

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Al these things that I've done

I just had a quick glance back over my recent posts and have realised I haven't shown you any of my City and Guilds 'work' for ages- how very remiss of me! I have been keeping up the pace with some traditional pattern darning, and some contemporary which I will show next time.

I have used the machine in ways I never dreamed possible to applique a large area with fabric snippets. I hate Bondaweb so the realisation that I could still achieve a quick and free background into which I could stitch and embellish was really liberating!
I also completed an exercise sewing lines of long stitches across a piece of fabric then having fun weaving between and around them. What a quick and even decorative edging this would make to a cuff or around the hem of some trousers for Anna!

I showed you some samples of running stitch last time, but was challenged by one of my tutors to really let loose and allow my stitching to distort the fabric. I have made a tiny Kantha before but wanted this to be even more extreme so worked from all angles. I have so many ideas I'd like to pursue, and it's good to keep the momentum going. This week I am playing with shadow work, and completing some more design exercises on line. I am also mucking about with blanket stitch to try to get some more interesting samples together.

Oooo look, I've just scrolled down and found this little photo of some Assisi work- sort of reverse cross stitch- filling in the negative space. Honestly I have produced so many samples in just a few short weeks- goodness knows how much will have by the time assessment comes around! Still I am keeping it all neatly filled- and am looking forward to utilising it in some practical way when it's all finished with

Friday, 12 November 2010

Devil inside, devil inside, every single one of us has a devil inside

The mistake which could not be rescued on the back of my mohair lacy shrug? The devil himself must have done it.
The gorgeous new shoes....the devil made me do it.

Monday, 1 November 2010

She may not be a lady- but she's all woman.

So here's the doll- do you see what I mean about her face being a bit too subtle? Although the photo perhaps doesn't do her complete justice? Anyway, she was a joy to make, the book does have a doll with boobs and I do think future dolls will have a pair! The hands have pipe-cleaner stuffed fingers so she can be 'posed'. I really enjoyed using little bits of treasure to make her, snippets of ribbon, beads and tiny bells. She really looks little an Autumnal girl to me- perhaps a snow fairy should be next as the book has instructions for making the most beautiful wings.
Anyway this dolly has left the building as I made her as part of my swap with Maria, I do hope they get on well!

I am continuing to be adsorbed by my City and Guilds and will show what I've been up to next post.