Saturday, 27 November 2010

Have yours-elf a merry little Christmas

I'm still here, in case you were wondering. I'm still beavering away on the City and Guilds, a tiny bit behind due to going to town on a shadow applique sample- but that has got to be the best reason for getting behind- getting totally caught up in it all. I have also been feeling a little festive. We had the Sandwich Christmas carnival last night. The school joined in and it was a really lovely evening. This year was a walking procession lit by lanterns, torches and various novelty wands/torches etc. The atmosphere was great and although it was very cold I managed to get four layers on each child under their costumes so although they looked a bit porky no one froze. We popped in to the off licence on the way home for a bottle of restorative for the grown ups and a sweet treat for the elf and the fairy. Anna chose peanut M&M's, I was a bit surprised as we haven't had them before but all became clear when she whispered, 'because they're the ones that talk'. If you've seen the adverts you'll know what she means. She wasn't too disappointed when they didn't chat to her, thank goodness, though if they had it might have freaked her out a bit!
Today we have been to a local garden centre where we chatted with Santa for a while, had a romp on the soft play/sipped Elderflower fizzy stuff (guess who did which!) and looked for some new Christmas decorations. We are having a particularly exciting Christmas this year as my family are coming for the first time 'en masse' and we want to make the house look really nice. I was really disappointed by the selection though. Everything was very co-ordinated and samey. I wanted something to hang from the ceiling and possibly a garland for the fireplace, but I refuse to pay £30 for a bit of plastic tree....(I am now officially my own mother!). I couldn't put my finger on why I was getting grumpier and grumpier trying to find something when I realised that at the back of y mind was that nagging voice..'Jenny, Jenny, you know you can make something much nicer than this Jenny'. So whilst the kids finished getting punched by other children, which seems to be the true point of soft play areas (don't worry they so enjoy being outraged it does count as fun!) I mooched off to the 'Works' which has a concession in the store and bought the worlds cheapest felt and some little bells to make my own garland. I thought I'd seen the idea on Bugs and fishes but can't find it there now, but it's worth popping over for other cool festive ideas!
Gosh I have waffled on haven't I? I think I've been missing this blogging lark!

Look after yourselves all- keep warm and happy! xx


karen said...

sounds like you have had a busy time. The children look ever so cute!! I wonder how my 23 and 26 year old would react if I made them costumes like that, may be worth a try as I miss all that ''innocence'' at this time of year. and I don't believe you that the m&m's don't talk!! next you will be trying to tell me there is no father christmas!!!

Jude said...

Great costumes...of course you can make something much better...I'm always saying that mantra!!
Take care

Jenni said...

Kids look gorgeous!!! xxx

wonderwoman said...

they look gorgeous and the costumes are brilliant. your decs are bound to be lovely!


Jackie said...

What lovely big smiles.

nila said...

The kids look great and I love the costumes. Sounds like you're going mad for it on the Christmas decorations front!!