Thursday, 26 March 2015

Whipping along

Whipped and woven wheels? Signed off. That completes my stitch samples for my course and it has been a real challenge and joy working on them. To keep pushing myself asking; have I used  real think yarn, have I used something bonkers, have I played with scale? Can I add a bead or sequin? And probably most importantly, how might I use this stitch in another project? 

For these wheels I can see a flower garden, A sky of fireworks, a shell or fossil, a piece of gothic tracery, a weird cell, a decoration on a garment. I liked mixing these up with some Dorset button designs as the are the same principal. Another useful stitch to add to my tool box.

I am feeling a bit less angst ridden today- it is the magic of stitch I'm sure. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


I have just submitted my final stitch sample for approval. It was whipped and woven wheels so fingers crossed it gets the o.k and I can show it to you soon. Meanwhile our 'gang' had a get together for Comic Relief. We bought the special magazine- put together by lots of fabulous generous clever people, and got together to chat, eat and make. I wanted to make a pretty picture using old linen but in the end used a fairly new napkin and added lots of bits and bobs. The tiny dolls are some Polly Pockets which Mum found whilst clearing out for a move. It was nice to include something I played with as a child. This is a bit soppy for me, a bit pretty but I couldn't bring myself to dd any expletives so pretty is shall stay! I may add some more print fabric to the outside of the hoop we shall see. The afternoon raised £65 with us all putting some money in a jar, what a lovely way to raise money! 

I am hoping to push on further with my City and Guilds over Easter, I seem to be building up a head of steam again. I am giving some thought to my next move- I am struggling with the question of whether further education should be undertaken with a career move in mind. My gut says no, that learning for personal development is fine and dandy and valid. However there are the rumblings of a mid life crisis deep down. So far I have only really worked for one company and I have fallen out of love with my employer big style. Really and truly I'd like a fairly radical job change but my problem is that I am not qualified for anything other than what I currently do. I'm not hoping to be a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon but even little part time jobs I'd thought I might apply for seem out of reach. My feelings of self worth are plummeting with this realisation. I don't wish to get all naval gazey, it's just a little grumpy sooty thought bobbing about in my head and sometimes getting these thoughts out helps. I will hit 40 next summer- can you tell?! x

Hope you are all well, happy and settled with who and where you are. xx