Sunday, 31 August 2008

Pots and Bots

What a lucky little family we are! Lots more lovely things came our way courtesy of family and Blog land friends. Gina has been having a sort out of her family dressing up outfits and we put in a request for Woody. We got in first and within a couple of days the post man had this ace outfit for Will, (and I'm sure Anna when she can get her sticky little mitts on it!) Thanks so much Gina you are a very clever lady, this is such a top-notch outfit and as you can see from his little face Will was thrilled.
Anna has also been modelling a new garment. This is the last item from the 'Grans trousers' parcel. I love these bloomers and the embroidery on Anna's back pocket reads; 'cute or what?', well that really does all depend on what might be lurking in her nappy but the trousers are darling and she now even has a matching dress and hairband. Thanks to Gran then for keeping at least three members of the household looking cute!

I haven't been left out from the presents, Dad has given me free choice from his latest batch of lathe-turned ring I have taken most of them! The are gorgeous and smooth and I can certainly fill them with button rings, but I do think they deserve something with maybe a carat rating not something tied out of Scobidou. (hint hint!) I realise that recent posts ave been very light on actual crafting action by me, mostly I've been turning out hair clips for my latest farmers market which was yesterday. It was much more successful than the first, but it is all relative. I'm sure having Mum with me helped. I was much more relaxed and I think the average markets customers found Mum more approachable than me. I shall be breaking out the twin-set and pearls for next month, and maybe packing away the Diet coke and attitude. This months big sellers were.....a bit of everything, which at least means I have the range and price right....hard to think it might be me that is 'wrong'!


Brook said...

Hahaha the woody outfit is sooooo sweet he looks so cute!

Gina said...

That's made my day... my weekend even! I'm so pleased this has got a second lease of life. Will looks gorgeous in it!

JuliaB said...

Ooooooooooh! You LUCKY DEVIL having a woodturning dad! Those pots are gorgeous and to die for. I love wooden things!. xx

Jackie said...

I do best when I take my friend who is not shy about praising my goods in a way that would make me blush!