Saturday, 11 June 2011


I didn't twig this technique is called hardanger (hard-anger) until just a few second ago. It did make me a bit frustrated because it is a tiny bit tricky but I guess trickyfrustrated isn't such a good sewing term! In this method blocks of satin stitch (kloster blocks) are worked at intervals to enclose an area after which section of ground fabric can be removed. the remaining grid of threads can then be bound and enhanced. I am really pleased with the part worked square sample but struggled with the stepped piece.
I am loving that this is just the sort of stitching that I have seen on vintage tray cloths and thought -I wonder how the bally heck they did that- now I know, and it's cool. I think I'd like to have a play at doing something with more colour- but then again maybe I should just revel in the history if the whole thing and make a tray cloth!

In other news it is now just EIGHT WEEKS until our wedding. Yep 56 little days. I am feeling a bit sick and I have a list as long as a chimps arm of jobs to do. But I am actually very weepy at the thought of actually marrying the man I have loved for so long.


Pomona said...

Your embroidery is exquisite! And all good wishes for your big day - so exciting for you!

Pomona x

Daisie said...

It's a wierd feeling marrying someone after so long, we'd been together over ten years when we got married and it seemed like an extension to our relationship where traditionally it would be the start. Can't wait either, very excited for all of you! x

Lyn said...

looks a bit to complicated for my little brain! yours looks great, the sewing not your brain...although I am sure your brain is very pretty!
(sorry, it's late!)

karen said... are making me weepy for the work..Wow!! Get you!! You will be churning out tray cloths like there's no tomorrow!!

Griffin said...

That's very impressive embroidery. Maybe doing more of the stepped stuff will help you get rid of some of the nerves.

Of course you're weepy, you're a beeg softy. Fret you not o bride to be... deep, slow breaths and enjoy it when it comes. It's your day after all. So look gorgeous and smile a lot - you'll be fine.

jenny said...

I love hardanger, and your picots(sp) look really good, I know how hard they can be to get right. Good luck with the wedding, how exciting.

Jackie said...

Eeerghhh...Hard anger....I know exactly where you're coming from.