Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Mee lucky!

Just before Christmas I was lucky to win a bonus prize in a giveaway over at Mee crafty. This gorgeous stash of loveliness arrived yesterday in a mysterious brown paper parcel which Anna tore open. The heart is now hanging on the landing looking really cute but my favourite thing is the puppy, the embellishment is so pretty and the shape is perfect. I have whisked him off to my bedroom where he is living in my candle tree.....far, far away from sticky fingers. He is definitely Mummy's. Can you see the shininess of the thread? It's amazing and I'm sure it will find itself open and being used very soon. Thank you Chloe, a very lovely package.
I am really excited by the interest in the swap and that there are some new friends introducing themselves and signing up. I will have a go at setting up a Flickr account and Blog roll on my side bar so we can all see what every one's up to. The deadline for signing up is Friday and I will do a random draw to let everyone know who they are sending to......cant wait!


Kitty said...

What a lovely little parcel!

(Did you get my email? If not, I can resend).


Kitty said...

I've sent the email I originally sent on Monday, 3 times - hopefully one of them will reach you!

Do you have another email address we could try, just in case there is a 'fault' on the gmail one?


Jackie said...

Congratulations. And I'm glad the swap is getting lots of attention.

Jude said...

Morning Jenny,
I'm awful at computer stuff and still can't work out how to copy that mug on your side bar onto my blog....Could you please give me some simple instructions.... thank you!

MollyandIzzie said...

I'm really excited about the swap- it's my first one. I'm falling in love with the world of blog!
Love sarah

karen said...

your dog is adorable. You seem to be so lucky in these things!