Friday, 8 February 2008


These are the bands that followed the reckless purchase of the Patchwork magazine. The little pouches I plan to make need them as a fastener. I have cut out some fabric today and realized I might not have the right colour buttons to complete the closure. I was just starting to plan where I could buy some when I remebered that I am TRYING TO REDUCE MY 'STUFF'. I rang Mum and she says she'll look for some buttons. I have seen that you can decorate plain buttons with nail varnish and I'm sure that I have some plain black buttons and I definetly have some pretty wild nail varnish. So it looks like damage is limited to the hairbands but have realized that I didn't have to use the recommended form of closure at all and that I have a lovely book of finishing techniques.......damn damn damn. The creativity kicks in after the urge to splurge.....again!

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