Wednesday, 5 December 2012

In good shape

My final design module for my City and Guilds was 'shape'. I loved it. I like the cutting and sticking, the weaving, the printing. I like the boldness of it all.  

I liked making the collages, it was all good. I must make sure that I look back through these modules in the future. There are so many ideas in these books.

So that's enough of all the high-brow arty stuff. That all has it's place but for crying out loud people it's DECEMBER. Surely the kitchest month of the year? I bought this knitting book for 75p from the charity shop today. I was drawn to the poodle bottle cover- surely one of these beauties would turn a plain ol' bottle of Advocat into a retro Christmas gift fit for a queen?

Then how about a cute little cottage egg cosy? I am thinking that this should be stuffed with a base added to make a little hanging Xmas dec- the clown should just be knitted to scare naughty children.

Finally I am yearning for a bed jacket. Our rented temporary house is mighty warm but I still get frosty little shoulders reading before lights out so surely a Miss Marple style bed shawl would be the perfect answer- and a chemical free form of contraception! 

I do hope to have some definitive house news for you soon- we are soooo close! xxxxxx


Gwen said...

I love those old knitting books. They are so hilariously awful, one can't help but want to make something to torture one's family with. :)

Angella Dee said...

Loved visiting your blog!