Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bubble blowing badger!

Look what hopped out of Wills book bag on Friday.....only a bloody badger! Mr Badger is the class mascot and he and his diary are now resident with us so that I can spend a relaxing week of trying to make 'playing with Lego' or 'watching a DVD' look like good parenting! It will all be fine at the weekend when we head to Dorset as I'm sure Mum and Dad will come good and make him little clothes and take him on amusing adventures....bless him!
Simon took the children, but not the badger, to see Bolt at the weekend and I got a one and a half hour mooch round the shops. Here is my TKmax treasure. I have found more display aids for my stall, and two very very nice pillow cases which I hope, one day, might be little dresses for Anna or bags for me!
We had a lovely bank holiday, lots of friends and sunshine and making ginormous bubbles in a local church garden I do love taking pics of flowers, and the colours in these Irises were irresistible. I hope your weekend was similarly relaxed.


Kitty said...

Ha! That takes me back a bit - I remember having Barnaby Bear with us for a weekend, and having to take pictures of him sitting in a supermarket trolley. :-O

Hope you have a lovely week.


meplusmolly said...

good ol' TKmaxx is great for display props!
Bless the Badger, hope you have a great week.
Are you all booked up now for the makey-do? All the bits and pieces are looking fab for it by the way ;0 x

BeadyPool said...

You have my empathy - we had Diggy bear for a week a little while ago. I made sure we took lots of photos on the first couple of days and then I had a few days off! I feel sorry for the parents after us though as we were visiting friends for the weekend so did lots - he even went on a rollercoaster. Writing it up felt like doing homework all over again:)

meplusmolly said...

Hello! me again.
I've managed to change my plans. Would you be able to drop me an email with details about the makey-do, pretty pls? hello@meplusmolly.co.uk
thank you! ;0 X

Tip Top said...

Ah yes - I think they plan it like that! We had Boo Bear for just over a week from nursery and Buttons the huge great giraffe with its own rucksack and clothes from school... like I have time to write a diary for these things!!