Friday, 5 December 2008

Worlds worst pun, and smallest giveaway

Meet Christine she is a very happy rodent......infact....(can you see where this is going?).....(I'm so sorry!)........she is a 'Merry Chris-Mouse'. God-it's sad isn't it? This little cutey, is for Uncle Ben, he will appreciate the awfulness of the word play, her odd colour ears and her insanely fluffy texture-he's that kind of guy. If you had ever though 'that Jennyflower- I wonder why she never makes softies-look no further for the answer, my 'cute' just comes out 'freak'!
Anyway Christine got me thinking about a teeny tiny giveaway- don't panic YOU WILL NOT GET THE MOUSE. What I am asking is this; leave a comment with your worst ever seasonal joke and I'll put your name in the hair-tie box for one of my felt Christmas trees. You can see a example in my Folksy shop but I wold make you a new one, maybe even to fit in with your Christmas colour scheme. I am away this weekend but leave a comment by Monday morning and I'll draw then. Thanks! (and sorry-again) xx


Purple and Paisley said...

shoot! i don't have any really bad christmas puns, but i can tell you the worst christmas song ever - 'grandma got run over by a reindeer'...=) i love the mouse! he is adorable!

Genie said...

Hi Jenny
What never eats at Christmas?
Ans: The Turkey it's usually STUFFED.
Have a great weekend