Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Blogversery patch swap

I hope you all had an amazing festive season and are starting the New Year well and happy. We had a great time with Mum and Dad in Dorset, everyone had lovely presents and Santa came so he must have thought the children were better behaved than I did! Despite there being one more day of this year I am already getting excited about the crafting possibilities of next year and as I have been keeping my Blog for nearly a whole year I thought I would start 2009 with a swap/round robin type affair. So for all of you who feel like an angel hemmed in by chaos,
Anyone who enjoys working with others, (and keeps in the lines!)
For anyone who has the patience to piece the tiny bits together for the whole effect

For anyone who wants to get that Christmas feeling all over again........I propose a swap/round robin thing. Please leave a comment below if you'd be interested, it would be a fabric type swap which I think would leave everyone with a variety of squares to do with as they wish; cushion cover, bag, wall hanging etc?


Gina said...

Much as I would love to join in I know I cannot commit to anything new in 2009 until at least April! So have a fun swap (which I shall watch from afar!)and very best wishes to you and your family for the new year!

Daisie said...

Am always up for getting rid of some of my stash and replacing it with someone elses!! Woo-hooo! Count me in!

Your house looks just like mine, except your telly is bigger (don't tell Si) hahahaha! I love christmas stuff everywhere and happy children. It's not until about a week later when I have a panic wondering where on earth I'm going to put it all!!

Happy New Year to you all!


Jude said...

Hmm, what does it entail?

saraeden said...

Happy New Year to you honey and thanks for being a patient swap partner in 2008 , i will be more prompt with this one ... honest but maybe that would be because i am sorting out my fabric stash at the moment ;0)

All the best for 2009

Sara x

Sharon said...

Yea! Count me in!! The comment thingy is lardo! Do you think someone is trying to tell me christmas is over- step away from the Quality streets?!!