Saturday, 13 December 2008

Guildy pleasures

Yesterday was our local meeting of the Embroiderers guild. There are branches across most of the country and similar groups everywhere! Our group meets monthly with a bring and buy table, traders, a really good speaker and tea and BISCUITS! So once a month I get a whole afternoon of inspiration, retail therapy and the chance to chat with other crafty types.....BLISS. This months speaker was Helen Deighan, the lady who came up with the dying in the bag thing, which sounds ace, but Ive never tried. She also imports braiding disks and was displaying samples made with a square board which results in a flat braid. I couldn't resist and now am just waiting for a quiet moment (flying pigs!) to have a play! Helen was really lovely and funny and chilled, there's a lot in this crafting thing!

I did a spot of shopping at the bring and buy table- (I did do a little bringing too) I found some ace fabric, just right for panto season, load of little bis of Liberty, (pass me that yo-yo maker) and a ball of wool which has already been used towards a brooch. (£2 the lot in case you were wondering!)

The most exciting thing was probably that lovely S has started a Blog. Dottybird trades at our guild on a regular basis, bringing various goodies of felting equipment and soluble fabrics etc. She also puts together these yummy variety packs of stranded cotton, this one is Jelly bean and I hope to be braiding it soon. Do pop over and say Hi if you get a mo, she really is very lovely and a very clever lady.


karen said...

Hi Jenny, just stopping by to wish you and yours a fabulous christmas!xxx

Jackie said...

Our guild is struggling at the moment. Sounds like yours is flourishing.
Have a lovely Christmas.