Wednesday, 10 December 2008


So with two entries to the teeny tiny giveaway I decided to save paper and toss a coin. Heads for entry one and tails for entry congratulations to Purple and Paisley- (I don't think a tree will get to you this Christmas but I'll post one off and hopefully it will arrive in time to be packed away with the other decs for next year!) Thanks for entering guys. I am still frantically making brooches and trees but enjoying every minute. Thinking more and more about organising a craft fair next year- I do like to plot and this is keeping my little brain full. (it is also giving me the chance to make lists and this is my second favourite hobby next to crafting-am I very, very sad?)


Daisie said...

Just been thinking; "Why wasn't it me!?" and then remembered that I went off to google christmas puns (bad or otherwise) as I didn't have one, probably did at some point but it has been pushed out of my head by babies, like so much else! And, as usual, I must have got distracted and never came back :-(

And if lists are bad, I am a very very bad/sad/mad person indeed!


PS: The word verification is; TAMPUPLU, is it just me or is that a very funny word? Made me smile anyway!!

Purple and Paisley said...

hooray for me! i get something from jenny! thank you so much! =)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Why didn't anyone tell me about this???? Terri is a lucky one all right.