Friday, 5 September 2008

Swap/giveaway/destash type thingamy

I know how impressive this post title is and I know how it must make you all sick how I come up with these cathchy, witty, succinct headers but honestly either you've got it, or you haven't! Actually I hoped that someone might search under one of these words and I might stand a better chance of offloading this little lot! So a while back Mum got given A LOT of knitting and crochet patterns by her sisters mother in law, (confused....let's just call her Petes' Mum and take it that she is sort of related to me) anyway, Mum has taken the patterns she wants and had suggested that I might be able to offer the rest on the Blog. I had a little think how to do this and asked Daisy and she suggested that someone out there might fancy doing a swap. So here are the first four batches; they are crochet patters primarily as I can't. (Some of them are very posh and cost as much as 7p!) Pack 1 is two adult tops, a cushion and some edgings. Pack 2 is baby patterns and a little booklet of Dolly outfits. Pack 3 is ten baby patterns one of which has rather natty knitted knickers, (go on say it out loud!) and pack 4 is again 10 baby patterns with a pattern for a coat and hat I really wish I could make myself!

So the deal is this; if you see a pack you fancy and would like me to post to you just let me know what you might like to swap it for. I am not looking for anything massive just maybe a ball of wool, a few sequins something hanging about that you suspect you might not use. This could be an ace opportunity for a clear out. If you have any others suggestions of what I could do with the rest please let me know- a charity who could use them-a keen knitter who lives in East Kent who might collect the rest, otherwise, if this works I'll just do some each month. Also feel free to request something else if you have a specific requirement for say a mohair bat wing jumper pattern!


Daisie said...

Oh, nobody's left a comment, perhaps it was a crap idea?!
Sadly I don't do crochet so am not offering anything this time.
Good luck with it though!!

Griffin said...

Like Daisie I don't crochet, let alone knit, so I am not a lot of use this time...! ;)