Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Cuff 'n' stuff

Firstly, and before I forget, thanks to Indigo Blue for this award. As usual I shall break all rules and say that as I was awarded it for putting together the mug swap, if you took part in the swap feel free to take it! On the subject of the swap I will be posting at the weekend with a list of people who I believe have not yet received a mug. I'd be grateful if you could let me know if you have and I can start to sleep easier in my little bed!
Secondly I'm still looking for a good home for this book. The principal of the book is to draw on canvas and fill with long stitch to make a painterly embroidery. The images are really bright and beautiful, moving it on is just a question of space!

Thirdly, and good things come in threes too, here are some cuffs I have made. I did some work before Christmas on cuff ideas. I was looking for an extension to my brooch making and maybe a more summery 'line'. A long time ago I made some hanging pockets from some jean pockets it was a total prototype which I later hacked up to have another go with the pockets but it was the off-cuts that were re-incarnated as cuffs. I did some knitting and couched some pretty thread along the cuff and added a popper. These cuffs have a lovely chenille type feel on the inside which should make them nice to wear. The third cuff is just that, I fished it from a bit bag of fabric given to me by a friend it is the most gorgeous blue silk and all I had to add was a length of edging and some vintage shirt buttons. This one is lined in felt to give it a bit more rigidity and simply fastens with the original silk covered button. What do you think?
I will post again soon with some lovely mail that I received today, I really have been very spoiled!


wonderwoman said...

love the cuffs, they are gorgeous! have not received mug yet but will let you know as soon as i do!


dottybird said...

Jenny, sorry haven't got back to you yet- I'll give the book a home if you haven't one yet?! been looking for this book- will do you a swap for some fibre (just had another load delivered-oooooooooooh it's lovely)