Monday, 9 March 2009

Mug swap-round up

This post is really to make sure I know where we are with the mug swap....but I thought I'd show you some other post I've received. Before the lent(10 day!) abstinence I ordered these knitting looms and I am so pleased with them.The smaller is perfect for my brooches and I can now push on with the brooch making parties/social evenings. The larger is more of a fascinator size or to use as a big french knitting thingy so lots more fiddling to be done....hooray! The temptation in my lent desert was two balls of chunky beige yarn at £1 each. I know these are great for brooches so they will be used in the kits for the new venture, but really there is no excuse, they were just cheap and I wanted them. I have no will-power, but pah, I reckon it;s over-rated anyway!

Right, on to the real reason for the post. I have really loved seeing what people have been sending and receiving for the mug swap but the time has come for me to do this round up and try to help with any last minute problems and to make sure that everyone who signed up has received a parcel of loveliness;

I'm sorry if you've posted and I've forgotten to mark it off on my spreadsheet (get her!) but so far I think the people who haven't received are;

Cariad, Calico Daisy, Kitty wrinkle, Bagladee, Wonderwoman, Smilemonster, Terry, The other side of a daydream, The devil makes work.

Of these nine I have been told that three have been sent. Please let me know if this is correct. If you want to contact me direct to let me know of any problems I'll see what I can do to help.

Thanks. xxxx


smilemonsters said...

I wanted to confirm that I have not gotten mine yet. I'm in the US though, so not worried so far. :)
I did sent mine out, and was hoping that she would have gotten it by now. That send date was....2/23.

Jo ;)

JuliaB said...

I sent mine off last week (but mailed you to say so) xx

Bagladee said...

Hi Jenny, I haven't received mine either? :( I sent my package out which was received by Daisie last week. Emma x

Jackie said...

I had a flower loom about a hundred years ago and made a shawl.
My abiding memory of the shawl requires a private e mail (if I haven't already told you)
Your mug swap is going well. I will I could swap my figurative mug with one not so saggy and wrinkly.

Kitty said...

No, haven't received mine yet, but I understand it's travelling over a distance, so that's fine. It's been really good seeing all the mugs and contents on other blogs. x

Anonymous said...

Hiya! I've received but not sent yet, it will be off this week now x

calicodaisy said...

Hey Jenny, You know I received mine yesterday! I love it all and have posted photos today on my blog. Thanks for all the work. I don't think I'll ever host a swap because I would get crazy with all the details and worry! I wish I could come to one of your craft evenings. Your pins are lovely, and I really liked the buttons you made last month. Thanks again for everything! -- Michele

Jude said...

I did email you, didn't I??? Just in case it was a figment of my imagination, I have sent.... I have not recieved.