Monday, 23 March 2009

Polymer Purchase

So today is pay day and, as promised I went this morning to Folksy and the children helped me choose which item to buy off the home page. This is what we chose. Lilleys shop has loads of polymer loveliness; buttons beads and cute little ninjas. This set of six buttons cost me £3 and £1.14 p&p. I love the colours and have a good idea of how I will use this space!
The Makey 'do' is coming on well with finalisation's to the poster design and sign-up form. I am excited to have Karen coming along (particularly from such a huge distance!) with her beautiful embroidery and re-use of vintage embroidery. Interviews are now going up regularly on the blog so even if you can't get to Kent in July I think it's interesting to 'meet' some new crafty types. I'm certainly looking forward to it very, very much.


Jackie said...

am beginning to feel like a wuss not venturing all the way to Kent. I live near Karen and she's brave!
I am just thinking of the petrol to sales ratio though. It looks like its going to be a great makey do.

Kitty said...

OH my ... I LOVE those buttons! x

MollyandIzzie said...

Guess who got a scrummy yummy parcel in the post this morning......ME!!!!!!

I love it all and it was a welcome break to tearing my hair out about my uni work.

I am going to blog about it tomorrow and have a proper look through everything!!!!

Yours is sat next to me waiting to go in the post tomorrow (it was ment to go in the post yesterday and today but i am a seriously unorganised woman! hehe.

Thank you thank you thank you

x x x x x

wonderwoman said...

those button are gorgeous - what colours!