Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Everyday Lemonade

I have an award! Thank you so much Everyday Life. I think I may have some self esteem issues because this isn't the first award that's caught me by surprise. I have long followed Everyday Life- the imagery is gorgeous- but always thought that Lyn would never have noticed little me. What a lovely surprise to receive an award from her! I have updated my sidebar of links with a few more favourite blogs so can I ask that you follow a couple of links if you have a moment and maybe say Hi! to some other bloggers? It is such a great feeling to find a new connection!

I have also had a look on Folksy and found a seller who I'll be buying from this month. If you would like the link to the shop please leave a comment before Friday 1pm, as that is when the children and I will be heading down to Dorset for a week. This is good news for us and especially for Mary as I'll be taking my paper bag swap to work on and Mum is much classier than me so she will probably temper my flamboyance a little!

I hope you all have a brilliant half term, and any Dorset readers if you fancy meeting for a brew just say! See you soon. xxx


Michela said...

Hi Jenny!
Congratulations on your award, Lyn is such a lovely lady!
Have a fantastic time in Dorset, hope Mr Postie could knock at your door before you leave!

Pomona said...

Hope you have a nice half term - I am heading north so I am taking my woollies! All agog to see who you have found on Folksy!

Pomona x

Tabiboo said...

Congratulations on the award Jenny.

Have a lovely day,

Nina x

wonderwoman said...

hey, well done on the award!!! hope you have a great time in dorset - hope the weather improves as i'm on the wilts/dorset border and at the moment it is coming down in stairrods!!!!!!


Mary Poppins said...

:) :) :) :) :)


Lyn said...

You are most welcome! I love reading my 'list of blogs'-takes a while but I read them all. Congratulations again.
Have a lovely time in Dorset and hope the sun shines for you.