Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Apple casket

I started this after attending a weekend course with Janet Edmunds. I finished one casket and Dad made me some lovely big beads out of apple wood for the fastening at the top. It didn't work on the original 'Honeysuckle' casket but inspired me to make this one. I feel the apples need to be machine embroidered which I am no good at. Sam Beresford is doing some local courses on silk shading so maybe that would be an option......

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Sam. said...

Hi Jenny,
Just found your message telling me you had a blogg so thought I'd join in the fun! I didn't realise you so had so many unfinished masterpieces on the go. I have voted for completion of the Brown Bag... you are so close to finishing it, it seems a shame to leave it as it is. Would be lovely in time for spring don't you think, so stop reading this and get going. (You are terribly clever, I am always so impressed!). Sam.