Saturday, 20 March 2010

Granny scarf and old bag

The Water lilly bag is now complete. I knitted a panel in the gorgeous hand dyed and spun wool which I was lucky enough to win, It really was a joy to work with and even after several un-rippings it still looked good! The panel was then put through the machine a few times to lightly felt it. I then used two sheets of wool pre felt and ran them through the embellisher with colours from the wool. I sewed these together and then made a strap long enough to around the entire bag and a lining in cotton. I hand sewed the lining in and the strap on, making a feature of the stitching.
For the closure I used a felt ball that the kids or I had made and beaded it in colours to match, a twisted cord finished the closure.
I was quite surprised with how many different techniques went into this bag. It's quite nice now that I'm not trying to sell my work not to have to think about how commercial it might be and how long it might be around before it sells.

I realise I didn't mention mothering Sunday activities much last week....that would be my guilty conscience. A friend was feeling a bit under the weather and suggested that I bring my crochet bag (and children) round t hers for the afternoon. She has been using the recent magazine to teach herself to crochet and we both decided to have our first attempt at Granny squares. I am now hooked (groan) and yesterday finished adding border to a length of my squares to make a scarf- the colours are like sweeties and it makes me feel very spring like.

I also wanted to let you know that Search Press are celebrating their 40th birthday this summer and are running a competition to win tickets to the artists day they are holding. Further details on their website. There is a competition and free project on their website every month so it's worth a swing by every s often.

I'll be back tomorrow, all things being equal, with what I'll be working on next week.


karen said...

these are lovely! when I read your title I thought you wre going to be talking about me, shucks!

Jude said...

I love some hookyness, it's wonderful to pick up and take anywhere with you...

wonderwoman said...

your scarf and bag look lovely! i only learnt to crochet last year and its great fun - however it means even more projects on the go!!