Thursday, 25 March 2010

Bonnie Bonnet

It was guild week last week and one of our members is participating in the "Roses from the Heart" bonnet project. I will quote her information;
This project is the idea of an Australian artist Christina Henri, who plans an installation, featuring 25,566 bonnets (taken from an original 19th century servants bonnet pattern) paying tribute to the lives of all the female convicts, transported to Australia. Bonnets are being made world-wide, and there are plans to hold services to bless the bonnets and the women they commemorate, as well as exhibitions in several countries.

Sylvia, the very lovely lady from the guild had made up some bonnets for those, like me, who lack confidence in their ability in millinery. It was such fun decorating the bonnet, I took the opportunity to try some crochet with the very tiny hooks I'd picked up at a previous guild bring and buy. It is bitter sweet though, thinking of Mary Fearns boarding the Edward in 1834 never to see family or friends again. Her bonnet was doubtless not so white and clean , and certainly wouldn't have been after a long voyage. I did google the name and found reference to her applying to move to Sydney so obviously she survived the journey and found people who she wanted to move to be with when she got there.
n the other side of the bonnet there is my name and where I'm from and another two pink and one yellow flower. It is nice to be part of such a large project.
I have finished the cushions, pictures to follow, and am now working on the 1920s dress. I seem to be sewing the lot by hand, not sure why, but it is very soothing!
The books mentioned in the post bellow are now spoken for.


Wipso said...

That certainly is a bonnie bonnet.
A x

Gina said...

What a super project.

wonderwoman said...

that is such a brilliant idea and your bonnet looks great!


Tabiboo said...

What a lovely idea and memory - though that voyage back then.....I'd be sea sick all the way - if I made it that far.

Nina xxxxx

karen said...

what a great project and your bonnet is lovely. It's a nice thought that you and your friends are remembering those women, good on you!