Saturday, 6 March 2010

Springy yo-yos batman!

Well looky here, if I haven't gone and managed to finish another 'thing' off the list. I am really loving the Christmas wreath I have made two pelmet vilene disks, covered them in felt and made a selection of yo-yos to decorate it with, I have added buttons and ribbons and I am really looking forward to hanging it on the back of the living room door come December. I had planned an Easter wreath but I think for now I shall resist the urge to start another.

I did manage to fit in one more little bit of fun and sent a springy parcel to Moogsmum. I was a bit shy about sending handmades to Moogsmum, she is a a genius at all manner of crafty stuff, but putting this box together really lifted my spirits and got me feeling a bit more optimistic about the year ahead. (I hope that you are proud of me for sharing some of my lovely new wool)
It has been a funny old week without my trusty, now less crusty, lap top. I have found more time for making, but I didn't realise how often I grab a few moments on line to restore my sanity, a bit like a sneaky smoker! Also town has been a bit bizarre as Walkers crisps came with a bunch of celebs to film a new ad. There have been 'crew' everywhere and lots of groups of school kids loitering about. The ad will be out on March 10th and in one of the YouTube clips you see Jenson Button drive past our house- very surreal. A friend and I were being all grown up and saying we couldn't see the point and that we had never been much bothered by 'stars' until another friend said she had heard that Ewan Mcgregor had been in town. At this point we both nearly wet our knickers and realised that it is all a matter of who you own personal star is as to how excited you might get!!

Oh guys, so sorry to disappoint, the Ewan bit was just a rumour- anyone interested in Mr Lampard?


twiggypeasticks said...

Wow that is fab work there missus. I saw your swap on Mrs Moogs blog, it is lovely and you are very generous indeed. I think I would have had a hot flush at the very thought of Ewan McGregor too !!
twiggy x

trash said...

Ewan McGregor hangs out on your street?? Crumbs, I should be there in a few hours.

Loving the Springy Swap box Missus Moog received. Oh so very fabulous.

And then there is the loveliness of that Christmas Wreath.

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous wreath, and so far ahead of the year. How very exciting to have Ewan in town, shame you didn't run into him. Beautiful wool as well, what a great package.

clare's craftroom said...

Ooh love your wreath , you'll be so organised this year , not like some , me , lol !

Daisie said...

Loving the yo-yo wreath, think we might just have to have a stab at something similar, the felt scraps one I made last year never made it to the wall (or the blog) for the shame of it!!
Will go have a lookie at youtube and spy your house. Elizabeth and I think that Jenson should have a little sister called Pearl and then their mum would be called Mother of Pearl Button!! Boom boom!

Jude said...

Lovely, lovely wreath, well done for completing it.
I should take a leaf from your book..I hate giving my fav yarn, fabric away....
Every now and again, there are roumours of famous people holidaying here.. most of the time I wouldn't recognise them anyway but the rest of the time..who cares? let them have what they came here for..a rest!!
Take care

wonderwoman said...

I love Ewan - he's just gorgeous! i would be there, i'm afraid, camera at the ready - just couldn't help myself!! I love your wreath its just gorgeous and i'm sure Mrs Moog will love your parcel of goodies!


Lululiz said...

The yoyo wreath looks so darned good, I can forgive you for mentioning the C word! What a fabulous idea, I think you might just see that copied later on in the year.

How did you manage to part with some of that beautiful wool? Its sooooooo lovely.

Jenny said...

That's really pretty

Angelcat said...

Your wreath is gorgeous, and what a lucky swap partner you have!