Monday, 22 March 2010

Cushioned comfort

I managed so much last week and hope to knock a couple of cushions on the head at least before next weekend. I also have the dress for the 'theme party night thingamy knees up' all cut out, so might even get a needle into that. I really don't enjoy cutting out, it's from watching Mum hack away in seconds mercilessly snipping into lovely fabric and tossing the offcuts aside like so much confetti. It took me two early mornings to get the dress, over dress, lining and bag safely cut, I clearly do not have the slash and burn genes- more my fathers carpentry measure twice cut once!
The cushions I have planned are two very different 'designs'. One for Annas room, with log cabin around some motif fabric and the other using up some wool brooches I made which didn't sell. I promise that I WILL iron the fabric before I make them up!
I have also been very pleased to sort a carrier bag of wool and fabric for Will's school who's craft cupboard had apparently run out of such delights?? Some of my boxes and drawers now actually shut without looking like a fabric monster is trying to break out so I feel very relieved.


Jennifer said...

Shame the brooches didn't sell, they are very pretty. I love that turqoisey fabric with the red flowers, gorgeous. I know what you mean about cutting into fabric, I think it's my least favourite part of sewing.

wonderwoman said...

am looking forward to seeing the dress! Those fabrics look lovely!


Lyn said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog and of course you can print off the lichens!

Griffin said...

Gulp! You mean... there are fabric monsters?!!!

I feel the same about cutting silk. But mum used to lay into it with abandon and make the 'choli' or little blouses that go with a sari. I have some calico that's awaiting me tho'... ahem, eventually!

Tabiboo said...

I can't wait to see your dress - sorry, not very imaginative but my eyes and dropping, must go and get some..........sleep.

Nina x

Joan said...

Love your blog and yes I'm a fibre addict too! Your cushions look great.