Saturday, 27 March 2010


The house is now comfier by two cushions! The wool brooch cushion is sitting in Simon's computer chair, packed with a simple envelope closure made from a piece of waffle tea towel and the back of one of his old shirts. The whole thing cost less than £4. Anna's log cabin cushion is ready at the end of her bed for a spot of gentle reading, or fighting with! I like that it hasn't come out too pale- hopefully this will extend it's appeal. Again I backed this with an envelope closure in pink, red and some piping made from little bits of log cabin strips.

I really enjoyed the log cabin-ing. I can see myself making a much larger scrap quilt with this technique.
I have made some progress with the 20's dress. I have ordered some vintage iron on transfers for the over dress and worked out what colours I'll use. The under dress has an embroidered neck line and arm holes, I won't show you yet, I'm not quite sure how it will all come together.
Next weeks project is some sea themed work, I will tell you more tomorrow. Look after yourselves, I will be, I have a lurking migraine so am trying to avoid too much exertion- (fat chance!)


Wipso said...

What gorgeous cushions. I bet you're thrilled with the results.
A x

bekimarie said...

Love the cushions, they're both great :)
Haven't forgotten you and will get your parcel off to you on Momnday, minus a lavender bag as a certain little boy has got his hands on my lavender.

have a good weekend
Beki xxx

Jennifer said...

Both of your cushions are fantastic, what a great idea to use your brooches for one of them. I think it looks really nice, and the log cabin one is so bright and cheery. Log cabin is how I cut my teeth on quilting, I made a baby doll quilt for my girl, it's pretty fun isn't it? Hope you migraine goes away, they can be so awful.

wonderwoman said...

i love your cushions - they look just gorgeous!

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely stuff, I'd love to have a go at a log cabin cushion. Hope your migraine goes away.
twiggy x

Jackie said...

You are being so productive, can't wait to see your C&G when it starts.

Jenny said...

Lovely cushions, I love log cabin designs too! Just received my little package from you today and I'll be blogging about it soon. Many many thanks, John will be delighted when I give it to him!

karen said...

well I know I would love your cushions........but I can't see them!! Blogger, (everyones blog I go on) won't show me any images. aaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I do like the idea of a log cabin cushion fight though!

Griffin said...

Oww, you poor thing, hope your migraine goes away quickly.

The cushions are lovely, especially the log cabin one, tho' I did wonder whether Simon was still wearing the old shirt while you sneaked up on him and made a cushion suddenly!! :)

I've worked with 1920's dresses and many of them were so full of beads you'd have to be a very strapping lass to wear one and stand up in it!! How about a little embroidery around the armholes and the front and the hem? That will give the base fabric a bit of 'make up' without hiding it and let it come out?

I can't wait to see it, I'm sure it will be fabulous... are we going to see a picture of you in it?