Friday, 12 March 2010

I love patchwork

Have you seen these dear little coaster sets popping up in Blogland? I think they are really sweet and was really pleased that I have been sent a copy of the book which they are from to review.

I love patchwork (yes I actually really do!) has a variety of 'Zakka' projects using a combination of charming cotton prints and linen fabric to create useful, but very attractive projects. There are some really unusual bits and pieces, a lovely fleecy lamb in a pretty outfit, a perpetual calender, but also the more expected selection of bags and zip-up pouches. These are all well designed and the book has a nice clean feel to it. I found the patchwork coasters really quick and simple to make, I was planning to try out a project which might be more ambitious but despite having what I consider a quite well stocked work room I found I did not have the requisite interfacing or iron on wadding which was needed. Not all of the projects use what I would term patchwork but maybe serious patchworkers would have the extra materials at hand which I did not. None of the materials are obscure so if one was prepared to wait a while and plan ahead any of the items look more than achievable. Maybe next time I shall pick something more challenging now that I have found the coasters went together so well.

I have seen a book called The Impatient Patchworker and would say that this book is the big sister to that title. I am planning for the coasters to be a gift for a good friend and was wondering whether to send the book too but as she is a complete beginner I think I will hold onto it for a bit longer and see what I else I can manage....there is a darling pencil case and I really could do with a neat place to store my crochet hooks.....


Jennifer said...

Ooh, I have this book, there are some great projects, aren't there? Your coasters turned out really well, they are very pretty.

Pomona said...

The book looks wonderful - and the coasters are lovely - you always make it look so easy!

Pomona x

wonderwoman said...

looks like a fun book - i have the impatient one - that sums me up really!!!


Lyn said...

Oh patchwork, I need to do some but at the moment far too mant things on the go. Thanks for the book recommendation though, will put it on my wish list.