Sunday, 7 March 2010

Bye Baby Bunting

Do you remember these gorgeous silk puffs set to me by the gorgeous silk Karen? There are ten of these beauties and I knew that I wanted to do 'something' with them, I wondered if I should put them into a pretty bowl, but knew that they would gather dust and get played with! Last summer I had started to try crochet and took a ball of dark purple Rowan cotton, I managed to turn out some pretty little flowers and found that the puffs nestled rather sweetly in the middle. The plan then became to make a length of crochet flowers, sewn to a tape, to be hung down a wall. I have made the flowers and now the plan has changed again. I have never before made and bunting, (yes really) but I now plan to make some white bunting for these flowers to be sewn onto......I only hope I can do these delicate puffs justice.
The list of part finished projects is now down to ten- that is half what it was at the turn of the year. The temptation to let other crafting sneak in is growing----must---stay-------strong.


Sharon said...

Helloo! I can't wait to see the finished bunting, looks really cute so far! I just wanted to say thanks for your kind words as well, they were very much apprecited. xx

Jennifer said...

What pretty little things, your bunting sounds like it will be beautiful, can't wait to see it. Congrats on getting your project list down, it feels so good when you get things done that have been sitting around for a while, even if they've just been sitting in your head.

Lyn said...

Use the Force! Resist, resist!

Swirlyarts said...

You are doing so well with the 'must finish things before I start new ones'. I would have caved by now!