Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Colour in chapters

The complete guide to Natural Dyeing is a very comprehensive guide to techniques and includes ’recipes’ for dyeing fibre and fabric. Despite containing all the information one could possibly need this is no dry ‘how too’ manual, it is absolutely dripping with gorgeous images. The book is set out into chapters covering basic theory, techniques for achieving different effects and recipes for using natural materials to achieve colours from the vivid to the subtle and discusses the further colours which might be achieved by over dyeing. There is more than a small element of chemistry to the book with talk of the Ph of water and using chemicals to fix the colour. Some of the recipes call for materials which might be readily available from the garden or kitchen but there is a U.K supplier list at the back of the book for the more obscure ingredients. It is a shame that I do not have the facilities for having a try at dyeing in my own small home- I am sure that all manner of unsuspecting objects would end up a different hue if I tried. Had I a shed, a garage, a utility room, any ‘wet play’ area really, this book would be more than enough to tempt me to have a go and get my hands green, blue, yellow, red……..

I really do think this is an excellent book. I can't imagine you would need another on the subject if you owned this!

I have now found the piece of paper upon which I had written the East Kent Embroiderers so I have added the link into the side bar. This book and the previous title I reviewed are going on to guild members but I have a lovely stack of other books to review, and I can tell you now that at least two of them will not be leaving my sight!

Look after yourselves. xxxx


Jennifer said...

The cover is beautiful, so if the inside is half as pretty I bet it would be a gorgeous read. I'm with you on not having the space to do any dying like this, but one day....

wonderwoman said...

that looks like an amazing book!


Jenny said...

Yes what a lovely book!