Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Colour me in

I have been sent these two titles for review but am totally stumped. I'm afraid these are just totally not my cup of tea but that doesn't make them bad books. They take the reader really carefully through what colours to mix and how to apply paint to a traced image to create a pleasing image. Like I say this just isn't me, I went to an adult education painting class like this and the final success or failiure of ones work seemed to be based on how much it looked like the teachers. (mine didn't!) Anyway these two are up for grabs, I will post in the U.K but would ask that if you would like them you would send me the postage? I think they would really suit someone who has limited confidence in their drawing abilities but enjoys working with the medium of watercolour or acrylic. They might also be useful for a teenager who might like to recreate a work and build their skills along the way. There is also nothing to stop anyone using the tracings and doing something different with them. Anyway let me know if you fancy them- first come- first served!


Pomona said...

I went to see Van Gogh at the RA last week - I found the wonderful thing about seeing paintings that I had only ever before looked at in reproduction was appreciating the wonderful texture and 3-dimensionality of the paint. This is something that just doesn't come across in books - or maybe those books do take account of that!

Pomona x

Jenny said...

I think my husband would love both of those books but especially the Van Gogh. Would be happy to take that one off your hands!