Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Vintage Knits

Vintage Knits is a Rowan title which I knew I wanted to own from the moment I saw a picture of the cover. I have always liked the ‘feel’ of the Rowan publications, the styling is nice, whenever I have pushed the boat out to buy Rowan yarn I have enjoyed working with it. There are 30+ patterns in this book, and as the name suggests they all have a vintage feel. There are some designs for the boys in some ace Kaffe fair isle, some pretty fitted cardigans, longer line jackets, a little scarflet, even some crochet. I think there is probably something for everyone and any age. These are classic garment shapes, I know sometimes Rowan yarn is of an idiosyncratic gauge and it can take some work to find a suitable substitute yarn but I think that if a more contemporary feel is required knitting these in a brighter colour or something a bit sparkly would extend their appeal. The book is very nicely laid out, with lots of gorgeous images, and I think is very good value at £14.99. As it contains designs from eight designers it gives a variety of style which I do think makes for an exciting and appealing selection. Watch this space for how I get on with a teal mohair cardigan- I have never before knitted a garment for myself which I have been prepared to wear in polite company so this is a test indeed!


wonderwoman said...

Looking forward to seeing your creation!


faeryfay said...

Looks like a gorgeous book!:-)

driftwood said...

sounds like a really gorgeous book xx