Monday, 19 April 2010

G- that is one swell cardi!

I haven't really been showing you much of my makey activity lately have I? I thought you'd perhaps like to laugh at the cardi-the guaranteed no chance of losing your child patent pending-cardi. I had made this for Anna but my tension was all wrong so it got inflicted on the poor unsuspecting G. My Mum dropped it round for me and apparently when shown the garment G asked to 'put it away'! Later I received a text to say that she had now fallen asleep in it- I put it down to the emotional trauma. She wears it well though and I promise G that my next hand made for you will be a bit more class and a little less clash!
Thanks to my pal Jen for supplying this photo of her dear little girl.


wonderwoman said...

what a cutie!


Lululiz said...

Hey, its a great cardi, bright and cheerful.

karen said...

well I think it's a great cardi!