Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Been beading

The tutor for my Embroiderers Guild weekend was Heidi Jenkins. Heidi has four main string to her textiles bow but this weekend was all about the beads. Heidi uses mostly geometric shapes to form some really striking jewellery pieces, book covers and box tops. The project for the weekend was the triangle necklace- the original has forty two triangles and a beaded strap and closure at the back. It took me most of Friday to make two interlocking triangles so I realised that a whole necklace would be beyond me in one weekend!
I made five over the course of the three days and made other projects in between to stop me going mad(der). The first after the triangles were what Heidi calls a twigs and leaves pattern which I made in a bunch of five for some earrings. These were really cute and I can see myself using this technique again.
Next were the leaves, the original had much more form to them as Heidi used a larger seed bead on the outside edge and also added veins to the inside. I want try making an interwoven version of these too.
Finally I made the very Deco blue numbers, and by the last day my speed and tension were a bit better. All of these used Delica beads and brick stitch, except the twiggy leafy numbers.It has made me want to search out my beading books, but unfortunately it has also made me want to shop for some more colours in Delica! For now I will limit myself to adding some velvet ribbon to the triangles to make a choker....promise!


Lululiz said...

WOW, I am so impressed, all the pieces you made look absolutely fantastic. I don't seem to have the patience for beading like that, I wish I did.

Tabiboo said...

Cool beadwork and I love the droplet earrings.

Nina x

Gina said...

I love the shape of the leaf earrings.

karen said...

these are great. You must have the patience of a saint! Beads are sooooooo fiddly!

Simply H said...

Hello! It has been a while!!
The beadwork is lovely - you are a clever lady. Sadly I lack the patience for such intricate work!!
Hope you are enjoying the hols!

Jenny said...

I've just started having a go at beading, I really love these designs, well done!