Monday, 12 April 2010

Flower power!

Sew Scrumptious organised a really cool flower swap and again, despite all my resolutions to work on my U.F.O's my head was turned and I signed up. No regrets here though, no siree! I was twinned with Beki and she spoiled me with a riot of floral loveliness. The highlight of which had to be the most brilliant cuff. I love wearing red, I am partial to the odd button (!!!) and dig the whole peasant vibe- this cuff really is perfect- thanks Beki.
The other treasure was also a complete treat, the
very cute lavender pad with the sweet ladybird
style print is now residing in my big bag of yummy
wool and the daisy fabric is on the top of my stash ready to make something this
space! I am also really chuffed my my floral; oil burner, scarf, zip bag and seeds. This place is
positively blooming!
I have been very lucky to have spent the weekend on an Embroiderers Guild residential weekend and will share what I have been making next post, I had such a lovely relaxing time with all the focus being on making- making beaded jewellery and making decisions as to what to have from the sweet trolley! -Bliss

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wonderwoman said...

beautiful goodies - just love the cuff! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend.