Friday, 23 April 2010

Pretty distractions

I still have five serious things to clear from my list. I have booked a table at the school May fair to clear some stock and after that the remainder will be going to a charity shop. Unfortunately I haven't made any progress on the others as I am still burning the midnight oil doing battle with the dress! The party is next weekend though so not for much longer- and then it's back to the grindstone. I am finding my head has been seriously turned by the goings on at the Embroiderers guild residential weekend. There was a lovely lady on the weekend who does a lot of beading at classes but doesn't wear her creations. She really kindly gave me this lovely necklace as a gift and it is really sweet, a pretty colour, a nice length. I have ordered more Delicas to make Mum a necklace for Christmas and yesterday got down my beading file for inspiration- big mistake- I really want to make some more jewellery- it hurts!

There are always two tutors at the residential, one for the 'good girls' the hand sewers- and one for the 'naughty girls' the machiners. This year the naughty girls had the pleasure of Angie Hughes company. They did some amazing things with velvet, bleach, transfoils, sequins, the work just glowed and they had such a fun time. I snook in and did some shopping on the last day buying Angie's book which is full of ideas for mixed media, a real departure for me, but I am determined to try some ideas from the book, she is such a good gentle teacher I feel safe following her guidance. I also bought these fabulous buttons which Angie had made from some of her samples. These have called other fabric to them and are evolving into hair accessories. I have really missed the instant hit of playing colours against each other and rustling up tiny bundles of clash. I need to get those five done so I can really let loose and play again.


wonderwoman said...

what a gorgeous necklace, such a lovely gift!


Heather Leavers said...

Good luck with the fair!