Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Paid it forward

I am pretty sure all my pay-it-forward recipients should have received their packages by now so I can show you what I made for them; These bracelets are made from felt beads. decorated with smaller sparkly bits and simply threaded onto elastic. I learned the technique for making these beads from this book from Search Press. The book has been a really good starting off point and although there are some gorgeous designs it is really for me about the technique and what you feel like doing with it. Essentially the process is just to cut an oblong of felt and wrap it tightly around a thin rod to form your hole. The felt is then bound and decorated, this is where your imagination can go wild, and left on the stick until you are ready to use it. I have loads of ideas for these beads; I want to try embellishing the felt first before wrapping, making two colour beads, putting silly faces on them, making massive ones for bag dangles or Christmas tree decorations. Although this is only a slim book it has certainly given me lots to play with!
I made my three, very different bracelets and wrapped them in a fat quarter of fabric, which I hope will be of use to the recipients, tied it all up with ribbon and posted them off to Daisie, In a Handbasket, and Blonde designs. Thanks for taking part you guys, I really enjoyed making these lovelies, and hope you enjoy wherever the pay-it-forward might take you.
I forgot so say that I, once again, made a pay-day Folksy purchase this month, and also an impulse buy at another time- I will show you what I bought soon, because it's all rather lovely and I have to confess that these won't be presents but will be staying with me. I also did some shopping on E-bay which seemed a bit of an extravagance at the time (and I still haven't managed to pay the joint account back) but I now wouldn't be without my new storage. Before my work area looked like this;
Well, this is how it looked tidy! The plastic tubs were cheap but I had to go through a mammoth process of stacking and unstacking to look for anything and as this is a corner of our dining room and now Simon's study as well this wasn't really very practical. I had to do a fair amount of de-stashing to free up more space for Simon to do his work and this has allowed me to fit things much more neatly in my new chest of drawers. (I can shut all the drawers it just happened that I was working from that one!) I am not worried any more about the whole lot toppling onto a nosey child and I am getting a silly amount of pleasure from finding things in my oh-so-neat drawers.


Pomona said...

I do like your new drawers - very neat and tidy! And much prettier than plastic. Lovely jewellery, too - I am sure that the recipients will be very pleased!

Pomona x

Lululiz said...

The bracelets are gorgeous, beautifully made.

JuliaB said...

I am exceptionally jealous of those drawers ... Ebay you say??? xx

Gwen said...

The bracelets are indeed lovely! I'm afraid to wear it to work because someone might want one, and then what will I do?? :)

karen said...

miss super organised! Love it!