Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Ooo you are a card!

Look what I won! Aren't these cards fabulous? They are designed by Monda loves.... who really does make the coolest stuff. I have already given the bird card to a lovely pal who has recently moved house and the flowers have been put safe and sound ready for another special occasion. Thanks so much Monda.
I have heard that two of my pay-it-forward parcels have arrived safe and sound which is brilliant but the third is sat on my mantle piece. I thought I had a third person who was interested but I have had no reply to my mail asking for her address. If you would like the third parcel please leave me a comment saying so....otherwise i will send it out as a R.A.K with no obligation to P.I.F!
I have signed up for a second swap, it was one that I knew about when I wrote my list of things that needed finishing so I can justify it.....just about! I have had the name of the person for who I am making and they are intimidatingly brilliant. I think that this will really force me to raise my game and try some new stuff. I have loads of ideas, I just hope I can pull it off without embarrassing myself! I am obviously a seasoned swapper now (!!!!) but I wondered if anyone would like to do a virgin swappers swap. I am happy to host and I would try to mak it a 'safe' way to try out the whole swap thing? Let me know what you think.


trasha said...

Oh you! You will be triffic, I have no doubt :-)

wonderwoman said...

i have that flower card - isn't it lovely! I have the name of my swap partner too so am now panicking about what to make! i take my hat off to trash for arranging it all!


karen said...

do you need medication? Is it thyroid trouble? Tree fest? Picnic? thousand swaps?

Lyn said...

I have only done one swap and am always looking out for another to do. If you do set one going, I would love to join in!


I have been so out of the loop the last few weeks, after my dad died and have just started to get back into my blog and making things, and catching up on your blogs, but realized you blogged on my blog 22nd Aug and said I have a package!!
Karen (blondedesign) x
ps I just love the bird card, sooo cute.

twiggypeasticks said...

I've only done one swap, last Christmas, and feel in the mood for a challenge so count me in please, if you do a swapsie!!
Twiggy x