Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Clever pals!

I have 'met' some real genius here in blogland. It never ceases to amaze me the sort of mischief that people get on with- along side family and working life. Firstly I told you about Nifty knitting at the picnic. I have seen Niftys Meerkats in the flesh but watching Nifty work on a commission was something else. There was no pattern or notes, just a photo, wool and four needles. It really is magic. This guy has now been followed by a new range of super hero Meerkats, which are simply amazing.

I have also seen Marmalade Kiss make a passion into a whole new online shop. If you are a dressmaker with a little experience and fancy a special garment for the holiday season you could surely do worse than attempting a project from here.

I have also recently been invited to an exhibition of work by a lady from my Embroiderers Guild. Ann doesn't have a blog yet- but with a bit of luck (and gentle persuasion) it won't be long! So I shall be showing you some of her lovely ladies and do a little profile in another post over the next couple of days- meanwhile here's a little teaser;


wonderwoman said...

i love marmelade kiss - such great stuff - especially as i've just got the making clothes bug!


Pomona said...

Yes - watching that Meerkat appear out of nothing was quite amazing!

Pomona x

JuliaB said...

Hi Jenny! Thank you so much for your lovely words and link. Ahhh... makes me feel all warm inside... Thankyou! xxx